Loans Against Your Car

Logbook loans are becoming a more popular form of borrowing money than ever before. Effectively, this is a secured loan with the value of the loan secured against the value of your car. This allows you to borrow up to tens of thousands of pounds with ease. The borrower retains possession of the car but the logbook is given to the lender until the terms of the loan are met and the repayments are made.

Secured Loans

A secured loan gives the lender much greater security over the money that they lend to borrowers. While in many cases, this implies that the loan is secured against the value of a house, it can effectively be secured against virtually any item of value and a car is often the second most valuable item a person owns that includes ownership deeds; in this case, the logbook.

loan against car

Logbook Name

There are certain stipulations that must be met to enjoy access to an online car loan. Primarily, the logbook must be in the name of the borrower and not in somebody else’s name. This ensures that people cannot use the logbook belonging to another person’s car, take out and default on the loan, and the unwitting car owner loses possession of their car.

Car Age

Some companies may also place a stipulation on the age of the car with many only offering loans to those car owners whose vehicles are under 8 or possibly 10 years old. This is because the value of a car quickly depreciates when it reaches a certain age and the car itself may become worthless if it fails an MOT or suffers any major damage or breakdown. Hence, a logbook loan will work best on newer models of vehicles but we urge you to speak with one of helpful consultants to find out further details in this regard.

No Credit Check Logbook Loans

One of the greatest benefits of an online car loan is that it does not typically require a credit check. This allows people with virtually any credit history, whether it’s good or even non-existent, to borrow a reasonable sum of money without even having to worry about the indignity of a failed credit check. A regular income ensures you can make the agreed repayments and the logbook of your car means that the loan will be secured against a tangible asset.

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